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Paul Dodds

"I had the chance to study Thai with Goi in two settings. The first was a weekly small group class at a local community college. Goi helped all of us feel comfortable as we learned together. Every class was different, and we learned a lot of interesting information about Thailand and Thai culture along with some introductory Thai language. I also had a series of private tutoring lessons with Goi, in which I was able to expand on what Goi taught in the group class. In both settings, Goi was an enthusiastic and effective teacher. Goi's website accurately sums up that with Goi, Thai is Fun."

Rochelle Sigler

"Very informative & delicious food.Goi was a great teacher!" 

Melinia Honju

"This was a lot of fun. I feel the class was nicely prepared and Goi is excellent! I can't wait for my next class."

Madalyn Spivey

"Dear Goi, I love your class! I wouldn't change a thing. The explanation of culture, ingredients, and cooking style was excellent." 


"Lots of fun! I left with a smile on my face and look forward to trying to make this on my own."


"Goi is a great cooker and passionate about Thaï cuisine. She adapted the menu to cook seafood and vegetables for us. She makes the class very interactive with a lot of tips and very helpful little things so you can cook again back home.

Goi is also teaching you a lot about the various ingredients, why they are good and healthy, and where you can get some yourself.

Last but not least she will introduce you to Thaï culture.

I will come back and try other receipts next time. I highly highly recommend this experience you will love it if you’re à food lover."


"What a great night! Goi was so wonderful. She was prepared and made everything seamless. She was very accommodating with food allergies. Her communication was quick and to the point! The food was delicious, fresh, and full of amazing flavors. We would love to have her come again. 5 stars! A+++"


"My boyfriend and I went to this experience and Goi was wonderful, she made sure to adjust the recipe to our dietary restrictions. It was like having lunch at a friend’s place."

Liz C.

“My girlfriends & I LOVE Thai food and when I was browsing through Yelp to see where we should eat I came across "Thai Is Fun" & we decided instead to learn to cook our Own Thai Food!! We Had a Blast & Goi was so Fun, Informative & helped us make the most delicious Thai food ever!!  She has a list of different dishes you can choose from.  We decided on Red curry with tofu & Thai eggplant and chicken w/ Thai Basil.  OMG, it was SOOOOO Delicious!!  I had it there at her house for lunch then took what was left & had more for dinner & yes, had the rest the next day!  I craved the Dishes!!!  I would highly recommend this class!!  And I will be back next month to learn 2 more dishes.  THANKS, GOI!!! ”

Lisa Reyes

"Goi the food was wonderful! You are very patient with us all. Thank you!" 

Brandy Kanatz

"I really enjoyed this class. The length was good and it was a fun and different activity for a Friday evening."


"Love the food, how easy it was to make it all! Good company."


"Goi was an amazing host, chef, and teacher! Goi was very thoughtful about curating the perfect meal for our group of 4... especially with our various allergies and dietary restrictions. Not only did we learn how to make 2 delicious Thai dishes, but we also learned about the ingredients we cooked with. Not to mention we had an absolute blast! Goi was so friendly and made a daunting activity very approachable and fun. Highly recommend!"


Goi is super sweet and welcoming. She shared a lot of stories, told us a ton about Thai food, and different spices, and gave us tips for making the dishes. The food that she made was excellent, but there wasn't any hands-on experience, so keep that in mind as far as expectations. It was more of a privately cooked meal than a lesson, but all in all, we had a good time and loved the food!


"Goi is a fantastic teacher and makes you feel right at ease the moment you step inside her home. My wife and I enjoyed spending time with Goi learning how to cook some tasty Thai dishes that we already made ourselves at our home. I recommend that you make a reservation and enjoy your own experience."


My boyfriend and I loved learning how to cook Thai dishes with Goi! She's an amazing and wonderful teacher, and we'll definitely come back and learn more from her.


Excellent instruction with beautifully simple recipes that are easy to follow. Great for beginner cooks that want to add a bit of variety with their home cooking.



Our time with Goi was such a wonderful treat and blessing. My wife Joyce and I loved it as an anniversary gift to learn to prepare some amazing dishes! Goi was such a wonderful and warm host with a very thoughtful / easy / comfortable process of showing us a few dishes while making us feel loved and welcome. We had an amazing time learning 2 new dishes, trying our hand at making one and enjoying the fruits of Goi's effort and ours together. I can't recommend this experience enough. You will love making Thai and learn new things at the same time!!!


This was a really fun experience! Goi is very personable, and has a lot of great information about Thai food and spices. The food she makes is to die for! I highly recommend you take this class.

This was a very intimate Experience. Everything was very organized and Goi had prepped everything before we arrived. We learned about the culture and the ingredients as well as how to make some of our favorite dishes traditionally. Exactly what we wanted!!


What an amazing experience!!! Goi is so sweet and thoughtful! I learned so much about Thailand and it’s cuisine. We watched Goi create green curry and a tofu/vegetable pad thai - all from scratch and then we were able to create it ourselves. I feel super confident in making these dishes back home and buying the right ingredients from the supermarket. MUST DO if you’re in the area!! Goi’s knowledge in cooking and hospitality is well worth it, you won’t regret it! She also includes a sheet during the experience with some of the herbs and vegetables found in Thai cuisine and it’s benefits! So cool.

Thanks Goi for the amazing experience!!!

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